Our Policy

The Friends Life companies are committed to making its online services available to as many people as possible. We are therefore making a number of changes to our website to make it accessible in accordance with the accessibility guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (external site, new window) and the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) (external site, new window).

These changes mean that, for example, visitors to the site can

  • use assistive device technology, e.g. screen readers, to listen to the site
  • control the size of the text to their preference through their browser
  • change the colour scheme to their preference by applying their own stylesheet to the website, again through their browser
  • navigate the site easily

Access Keys

To make life easier we have also defined 'access keys' so that the user can use the keyboard rather than the mouse to navigate through the pages. Keyboard shortcuts you can use are:

  • ALT - 0 (then Enter) for (this) Accessibility home page
  • ALT - 1 (then Enter) for the main Corporate Home page
  • ALT - 2 (then Enter) for Main menu links
  • ALT - 3 (then Enter) for Secondary menu links
  • ALT - 4 (then Enter) for main page Content

Please note that not all browsers support access keys.

PDF Documents

There are many links to PDF documents on our site. To read these documents, you will need the Adobe Reader (external site, new window) software. Adobe also provide accessibility tools for PDF documents (external site, new window).

Links to download Adobe Reader and to the Adobe PDF tools should be available on all pages that have links to a PDF document, as well as this accessibility page.


Changes to improve accessibility are ongoing, but if you come across pages which you find difficult to use, as a result of disability or otherwise, please let us know.